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What is a Company Voluntary Arrangement?

A Company Voluntary Arrangement or CVA is an arrangement between your Company and its creditors where the Company pays a monthly payment based on what its cash flow forecasts say it can afford. What you are effectively telling creditors is that the Company cannot afford to pay them on time and in full but is willing to pay all it can afford.

A Company Voluntary Arrangement is particularly effective when a Company has had temporary cash flow difficulties or other problems that have since been dealt with but which have left the Company with unmanageable debts.

As Company Voluntary Arrangement payments are based on what the Company can afford according to its cash flow forecasts rather than the debt owed, many Company Voluntary Arrangements result in the Company paying less than 50% of the total debt back with the rest written off after 5 years.

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How a Company Voluntary Arrangement can Work for your Company

A Company Voluntary Arrangement is flexible, giving the Company the opportunity to trade out of its current financial difficulties. The terms of the CVA depend on the specific circumstances your Company finds itself in and what its creditors have agreed to. A CVA can involve monthly payments based on cash flow, delayed or reduced payments of debt, capital restructuring or sale of some of the Company’s unnecessary assets.

In most Company Voluntary Arrangements, your secured creditors such as your factoring company or bank will be specifically excluded from the Company Voluntary Arrangement because they already have security. By excluding these creditors you are able to continue to operate your facilities with them, thus protecting your day to day funding.

Because a Company Voluntary Arrangement allows the Limited Company to continue in its existing legal form it allows existing contracts and accreditations to be maintained. This is particularly important if the Company has long term contracts that were hard to obtain and which would terminate if the Company was placed into Liquidation or Administration.

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